Contact Ashley our ASHI Program director about the Saturday Afternoon Family Workshop. Every month we our providing the public with hands-on CPR /AED and First Aid for adults, child and Infant training. The cost for these special classes is only $35.00 per student. This course will not only help you build confidence in providing CPR in emergency situations but also help you remember the skills necessary to save someone’s life.

Larry D. Riley is an authorized OSHA outreach trainer and has been actively involved in workplace safety for over 15 years. He began a career in safety while working with the City of North Lauderdale, Florida when he implemented a safety program for the city’s Fleet Maintenance Department. In 2001 Larry joined the Florida Power and Light Company at the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant and was an integral part of their comprehensive health & safety program. While in this capacity Larry was instrumental in helping new outside contractors become familiar with Florida Power & Light’s Safety programs by conducting formal pre-bid award safety training and informal in-course safety tailgate training. Larry’s expertise in conducting hazard analysis and proactive safety inspections coupled with his easy to understand training style make him a popular OSHA compliance trainer. In 2009 Larry trained over 2,600 people in an OSHA Update on Electrical Safety including Arc Flash Hazards seminars which were held in 33 cities across the United States including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. These training sessions are the result of the Workplace Safety Awareness Councils award of the Susan Harwood grant program by the Department of Labor and OSHA. In 2010 Larry continue conducting Electric Safety and Arc Flash courses teaching at the 2010 Beacon Mutual Insurance Company Safety Fair in Warwick, RI. Since then Larry has also taught the OSHA Electrical 70 E updates for Fortune 500 companies like CVS (2010), The Technowise Group (2011 & 2012), along with several other smaller local companies. In 2012 Larry continues to expand his training courses to include “Heavy Equipment Spotter training, fall protection along with Competent Person for scaffold Erecting training.” These courses have been taught by Larry at the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant and now are available. Please visit our web site and see all the satisfied clients of Larry workplace safety training courses.