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OSHA 10 Hour


Indiantown Power Plant

EnCon LC.

10/15 -10/16, 2010

EnCon: Natural Gas Pipeline construction site

Fork Lift Certication

Bryant Masonry

West Palm Beach, FL


                  Inspection of ForkLift


Student Skills Test: Loading & Unloading                           Practice Operating Skills

OSHA 10 hour for ICW Port Saint Lucie

9/30 – 10/1,   2010 

12 Attendees

OSHA 10 Hour Construction

08/28/10, Burnsville, MN

90 in attendance

“Very professional! Easy to listen to!

Presented in a high quality manner

made the time (10 Hours)

easy sit through!”

Dona J.

         “A very informative course. It

helped me to start thinking

in safety terms. I am now

able to see the scope of

OSHA and the big Job

they have to keep us

safe! Keep up the

good work!”

George L.

Both Larry and James are Fine instructors

and authoritive in all areas discussed.

Craig C

I really enjoyed the open Q & A

format, both presenters were

able to answer all questions

and took time to make sure that

the material was understood by all.

Erica N.

 “I really enjoyed the

speaking style and

presentation, it was


Michael G.

“…Straight forward common

sense reasonable instruction!”

Maggie P.

“I appeciate the knowledge of

the instructors! They brought the

information so that all can understand!”

Randy M.

“This Presentation was presented in a

very clear yet simple format. It was easy

to follow + effectively presented.

The little bit of light humor helps to take a

very serious subject and make me want to

implement the information, even though it

means me making some major adjustments

when it come to some of my

normal working procedures.”

Rob R.

“I feal more informed on what I should

  be looking for in my job in safety”

Carol S.

“Equipped me to do a better job”


“Enjoyed your relax interactive

presentation style, Good Team work!”


OSHA 10 Hour in Construction 2/20/10

 31 in attendance

“Being taught by Larry was more then a teacher student relationship. Larry cares about his students development and comprehension of the material. He works with his students so when they leave the class they have a thorough and in depth knowledge of the course. I look forward to the next time I am taught by Larry.” March 4, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Anthony L

Forklift Safety Training and Certification

West Palm Beach FL.

July 16 & 17, 2010

    15 attending this class! 



“Hands on portion of the class”

Skills Testing

All in a days work!

OSHA 10 Hour in Construction 2/13/10

21 in attendance

 Forklift Safety Training and Certification



Free 4 Hour OSHA Electrical and ArcFlash Update Seminar

“Susan Harwood Grant”

in 33 cities

Here are some classes already completed:

  Oklahoma OK

 Los Angelas CA

Sacramento CA

  Honolulu HI


  Baltimore MD

 Washington DC

   Richmond VA

Charlotte NC 

Susan Harwood Grant for the 2009 OSHA Update Workshop!


Learn About OSHA’s Newly Revised Standards


The 4 main topics that we will be covering:

  • Common Electrial Hazards
  • Wiring Design and Protection
  • Hazardous Locations
  • Personal Protective Equipment


 OSHA 10 Hour Construction

Aerex Industries




Matthew: The class was very informative

and now I understand alot more.

I really enjoyed the Power Points.


Randy: Great Job Larry! I really

enjoyed your presentation!


Mike: Very Informative


Phillip: Everything taught was vital!

OSHA 30 Hour General Industry  

SkyLine Elevator  (2-18 to 2-20, 2009) 


Workshop Exercise


Larry: I Enjoyed the delivery of

the material, The course was

well organized and informative.

Ronnie: I really enjoyed the instructor’s

teaching style and the way the class was setup.

The presentation was excellent,

I would not change a thing. 

OSHA 10 hour in General Industry for SkyLine Elevator  (1/07/2009)

Student Comments

Danny- “This was a very interactive class.”

Donald- “I really enjoyed the presentation.”

Marcia Owner of Skyline: “Larry did great and

covered the topics at a great pace”

Curtis: “I really enjoyed how

the material was presented!”

Terry: The material was applicable

and very informative!

Jim: ‘I really enjoyed how we were able to

ask Larry questions and he gave us the

right answers. Larry covered the

safety aspect of our jobs.”

Robin, Owner of Skyline Elevator:

“The presentation was very smooth and

Larry was very knowledgable about all the subjects.”

Larry: ” Larry was very thorough at

covering all the safety facts.”

Terry Sr.: ” Larry covered all the

industrial side of the course, great job!”

Sandra: “Thank you Larry, You have helped

me to understand safety at work. I really

learned alot from you.”

Marty: “Larry was energetic and I really enjoy 

 the pace that the material was covered, not too fast but yet, kept us active in the presentation. Great job Larry keep up the good presentations!”

You like what you see!

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Contact Larry today!! (561) 350-8913

OSHA 10 hour Class on 6/6/2008 @ The Hampton Inn ST. Lucie West, Port Saint Lucie FL.

Below Powerpoint on Stairways/Ladders. 

Comments from Students in the Class!

“I learned a lot from the instructor, I never knew

there was so much involve with

Work Place Safety.”

James, Port Saint Lucie Fl.

“I like the way the Instructor included my

work field in the presentation.” Excellant Job!

Joseph of GPS CC LLC.

“This class showed me what is needed

to work Safely all the time during

the day, Great course!”.

Brichael Of H & J Contracting

Come be a part of our next course and have your employees enjoy becoming safe workers.

 Access Safety Compliance Training,


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