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Asctraininginc – Occupational Workplace Training


Access Safety Compliance Training

Our goal is to make the workplace a safer place for everyone. We help accomplish this through Occupational
Safety training courses, virtually or in person.

The power of Occupational training

1. Provide Knowledge and Skills

2. Creates Awareness and Understanding

3. Help identify, report, and control hazards

Spotlight on Our Courses

ASCTraining is offering  manufacturing companies with (NO COST) in-house Power Industrial truck classes.

We are a nationally accredited organization that meets the CAPCE, ILCOR, CFOC, and OSHA standards for employee certification.

Get your Advanced, Intermediate, or Basic road worker certification through FDOT with our Hybrid online training courses or live in-person classes at your location.

Access Safety Compliance Training, Inc.

Access Safety Compliance Training was incorporated in April of 2008

Our goal is to make the workplace a safer place for everyone.

We accomplish this through Occupational Safety Training

Whether you choose our virtual or In person (LIVE) classroom classes we will aim to teach your employees how to work safely meeting regulations standards.

We provide OSHA 10/30 hour cards from the US Department of Labor,  FDOT Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Certification, and ASHI (American Safety and Training Institute)  CPR / AED and First aid certified training courses for businesses.


We are able to provide state required CEU for most of our courses.

Click here to see all our classes